My husband is selflessly available to our kids, and they know it. If he’s in the room, they’re constantly saying, “Hey, Dad… Hey, Dad…” If he’s somewhere else in the house, but they know he’s home, they will find him. Even if he has the door locked; they don’t care. They’ll stand there and knock until he opens it.

My Father (God) is always available to me, too. It doesn’t matter how close to Him I feel.
            If it feels like He’s right next to me—He says I should ASK.

            If it feels like He’s in the house, but out of sight—He says I should SEEK.

            If it feels like He’s behind a closed door, he says I should KNOCK. 
He promises to give me good things when I come to him, rather than seeking elsewhere. He won’t always give me exactly what I asked for; if that were the case, I would be God! But whatever he gives me is good. He’s a good Father.

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