David was a little boy, who enjoyed playing music while he was out with the sheep. I’m sure David never picked up his lyre, saying, “I’m going to practice every day so maybe someday, I’ll gain audience with the king. Then, if I play my cards just right, I’ll get to BE king someday.”

David had no more potential for crown-wearing than the shepherd kid on the next green hill. But, within a short time after Samuel spilled oil down his neck, there was a need for a lyre player. And suddenly David was on his way to the palace! God began shaping a shepherd into a king.

As I zig zag my mini van from soccer to piano to Lego League to tennis, I wonder which of these seemingly insignificant (in the grand scheme) building blocks of life is being used by their Master to groom my kids for future roles of service. None of mine play the lyre (is there such a thing?), but my hope is that each will play for the King of Kings.

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