It was such a joy to guest on Linch with a Leader. Mike and I overlapped at Liberty University and he now pastors NorthStar Church in Kennesaw/Acworth, GA, and serves leaders with his podcast. (Thanks to my friend Angela Hooley Eeles for reconnecting us!)

Mike is such an inspiring leader, gracious host, and expert interviewer. I so enjoyed this conversation with him.

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Episode 143: The Comparison Game

Leaders face numerous obstacles, but one might just take the cake, as it is self-imposed – comparison. In this episode, Mike sits down with author and speaker Shannon Popkin to talk about the comparison game that all leaders face and wrestle with. Much of their discussion centers around Shannon’s most recent book, Comparison Girl: Lessons from Jesus on Me-Free Living in a Measure-Up World.

Leader Interview Questions

  • Walk me back, and tell me about your walk with the Lord, and how it all began.
  • Did you ever dream that God would use you as an author?
  • It’s one thing to read the Bible. It’s another thing to fall in love with God’s word. How did that happen for you? 5:00
  • How do you keep your walk with the Lord fresh? 6:30
  • When you look back, what do you learn about the Lord that you wouldn’t have, if you hadn’t kept that five year prayer journal? 8:00
  • Who’s a Bible character you identify with, and that you’ve so many lessons from? 10:20
  • When did you begin to see yourself as a leader, and realize God had called you to do something greater? 14:00
  • What has been your greatest struggle behind the curtain, growing into the person God created you to be?19:05
  • Comparison is a leader struggle. Where did the whole comparison trap come from? 23:00
  • What happens to a leader if they don’t get a handle on comparison? 25:10
  • How is the comparison that Jesus uses to drive us to our potential different than the negative comparison? 28:00
  • How can we compare without measuring? How do you break those two things down? 32:15
  • If a leader called you for coaching, and they were struggling with comparison, what advice and coaching would you give? 34:20
  • Why is it so critical for us to know we’re unique? Why is it so good to “own our different”? 40:00
  • Knowing what you know now, what do you think is the assignment God gave you, that nobody else could accomplish like you can? 43:00

I hope you’ll enjoy this conversation just as much as I did.

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