By: Shanon Popkin
When did I feel most loved by my husband this month?

  • It wasn’t when he gave me the gift card which came with his new credit card. (Though I’m really looking forward to using it.)
  • It wasn’t when he got up early to take our daughter to swim practice, and our son to youth group. (Though I really loved the extra minutes of sleep.)
  • It wasn’t when he deciphered the stacks of bills after our son’s broken arm–a task that would have completely stressed me out–and paid what we owed. (Though I’m so thankful that he protects our family with extra padding in the budget!) 
  • It wasn’t when he stepped into my emotional parenting crisis and brought rational, calm order to the situation. (Though I’m so thankful he is able and willing to do so!)
  • It wasn’t even when he took me out to see a movie and spent time talking and smiling and looking into my eyes. (Though I really loved that evening.)

Don’t get me wrong. Those were all really great moments. But those were all things he wanted to do. Those are the ways he enjoys showing me that he loves me. And I did feel loved! But here are the moments I felt most loved:

  • When he wanted to get the yard work done, but he went with me to our daughter’s swim meet instead.
  • When he changed into something less casual (ie: less comfortable) because it mattered to me.
  • When he took our family out to eat (even though he was sick of eating out) just to give me a break from the kitchen.
  • When he said nothing about the empty drawer where his whites usually are (or supposed to be?) folded.
  • When he set aside his demanding work agenda to invest himself in listening to my problem.

It’s those moments of sacrifice–when I know he’s giving up a little piece of himself–that make me feel most loved, most treasured, most secure.

Thanks, Ken, for living out this verse in our marriage:

Husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the church, and gave himself up for her. (Ephesians 5:24)

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