When Cade was a preschooler, Ken told him, “Come here and let me help you wipe your nose.”  

But Cade responded, “Oh, that’s ok, Dad.  Because, look… I know how to get it all back up in there.”  And he gave a giant sniff.

Do you suppose we bragged to all of our friends, “We don’t have to wipe Cade’s nose anymore. He just sniffs!”

No, we didn’t. We said, “Ewwww… nasty. Get over here, Bud. Now, blow.” 

When I try to suck up all my nasty thoughts and deeds and attitudes, and hide them away, God doesn’t brag either. He does not say, “Look! I don’t have to clean up Shannon’s sin anymore! She does it herself!” Rather, he says, “That’s nasty! Now get over here and blow.”

God isn’t glad when I try to clean myself up. He wants to clean me up. He knows I can’t do it on my own.

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