“I’m hungry!”  whines my four-year-old.

“Can I have oatmeal?” My eight-year-old gets out her bowl.
“I have oatmeal too!” My precocious two-year-old starts making a mess in the cupboards by my legs.

“Can I watch another show? Please, please!” My six-year-old, tapping on my arm, always seems to want another show or more computer time.

The counter tops are still filled with the dinner dishes I left behind when we raced out for church last night. There is a pile (or three) of clean laundry spilling off the living room chair. There are homeschool lessons to complete, meals to make, toilets to clean, bruises to kiss, emails to write, arguments to dispel, people to invite… 

It’s only 8:00 a.m. I’m already weary.
Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

Really? How am I supposed to find the time to “come” to you? I can’t even find the time to come to the tub (and believe me, somebody needs to come clean it).
Come to me.

I’m a spontaneous person, and the whole idea of a schedule almost gives me hives. I’ve tried, repeatedly, to have a specific time of day to read the Bible, but not with success. (I do find time, however, to check Facebook and blogs…)
God’s Word gives “strength to the weary”.  As a young mom, I often feel weary.
So, I prayed for help.
Then last December, I signed up for Bible Gateway’s Daily Reading Plan. (I promise you, this isn’t an advertisement!). The daily email assigns passages to read for the day. It makes me feel accountable. Tying my computer addiction with my need to be in the Word has helped me! (Now, I’m focusing on taming said computer addiction…I’ll let you know how that goes.)
Sometimes I read in the early hours of the morning before any children need constant attention.  Sometimes I read in the dark hours of evening while Nate works at the kitchen table.   Sometimes I read during my children’s math lessons.  But I am regularly “coming” to  my Father in Heaven who gives me life.
He doesn’t fold my laundry, but He does feed my soul. I’d say that’s even better than folded laundry.
Heidi Vriesman, a follower of the Good Shepherd, is a rather spontaneous wife to her detailed husband and mom to their 4 sweet children, ages 8 and under.  She has a BA in Elementary Education and homeschools their children. You can find her recounting their days in word and picture at www.dearlylovedmist.com.  She’d love for you to stop by and say, “Hi!”

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