Here’s an excerpt from the Bible study I wrote on the life of Sarah:

“God intends for our families to be the place that we feel most safe. He designed marriage to be a cloak of love, trust, and security wrapped around two people. And he designed children to be gathered up into the folds of this cloak, experiencing the safe love of two people who feel completely safe with each other. Yet, so many women have been betrayed and abandoned—for them, the cloak was thrown off and they feel completely exposed. 

Worse yet, many women have been exploited because it is in their very nature to seek comfort in the folds of family relationships. What God intended for good, the men in their lives have used for evil.

Is there any more devastating effect of sin than the horrific pain created by exploited family relationships? Yet, for every woman who has ever endured this exploitation, and who shivers out in the cold, Sarah’s story is a story of hope. Like Boaz, who spread a cloak of protection and honorable love over Ruth, we have a kinsman redeemer who will buy back every ounce of our lost security.

Do you long for this sort of rescue? Then read on… (Go to Genesis 12:10-20 for the whole story).

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