Welcome back to another series of Live Like It’s True! Here in season 4 (and I can’t believe we’re already at season 4!) we’re looking at the True Story of the Beginning. Our origin story.

Knowing your origin story matters. Understanding Genesis 1-3 helps to shape your understanding of the world and where you’ve come from, and where the story is headed. Think about if you walk into a movie halfway through, or open a book in the middle. You don’t understand what’s broken or missing. You can’t understand what’s been lost.

It’s like being slightly sad at the funeral of someone you never met, but secretly wishing the funeral would be over so you can get back to whatever you wanted to do with your day. Contrast that with grieving over a person you deeply loved; someone you knew from the beginning of their life until the end; someone you long to see again.

We experience loss differently when we know the full story. We long for resolution differently.

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Guest: Nancy Guthrie

Bible Passage: Genesis 1-3

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Eden’s Fall

Today, in our conversation with Nancy Guthrie, we’re going to look at the Story of Eden’s Fall. We’re going to consider what has been lost by backing up to look at the opening scene of Creation. But then, we’re also going to look at why we’re not just trying to get back to the garden and regain what was lost; our hopes are pinned on something better than Eden.

Joining me is Nancy Guthrie,  author of Even Better Than Edenwhich is one of our recommended resources for this season. Today, our conversation will be more of an overview of Genesis 1-3. Then in the coming episodes, we’ll look at different sections of the story:

  • Kelly Needham will return to talk with me about Male and Female in Genesis 1.
  • Mary Kassian will return to talk about Man and Wife.
  • And Courtney Doctor and I will talk about the Lying Snake in Genesis 3.

We have a fabulous lineup of guests and so much to discover. I hope you’ll stick around for the whole season.

Nancy Guthrie

Nancy Guthrie Shannon Popkin

Nancy Guthrie teaches the Bible at her church and at conferences around the country and the world—including her Biblical Theology Workshop for Women. She is the author of numerous books, including our recommended resource, Even Better Than EdenNancy hosts the Help Me Teach the Bible podcast at The Gospel Coalition. She and her husband host Respite Retreats for couples who have faced the death of a child and are co-hosts of the GriefShare video series.

I think we're intended to think of Eden, not in terms of perfection, but in terms of potential. —Nancy Guthrie Click To Tweet I think we can see the ways God is using our suffering for good without saying that's why he did it. —Nancy Guthrie Click To Tweet God is doing a million things in this world. So maybe the fallacy is to think that we can always trace that straight line to make sense of it ourselves. And the thing is, if we could, that would require no trust on our part. —Nancy Guthrie Click To Tweet

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These are some of the books that have helped me prepare for the conversations we’re having about the True Story of the Beginning. I highly recommend each of them. My book, Control Girlincludes a chapter on Eve, titled, “It Looked Good to me.”

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These are some of the podcasts I have especially appreciated, and which have helped me prepare for the conversations we’re having about the True Story of the Beginning. I highly recommend each of them.

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Season 4: The True Story of the Beginning

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