Do you have any signs of an identity crisis? When I did a quick search online (here, here and here) I found lists of symptoms including:

  • Apathy, or searching for more purpose or passion in your life
  • Questioning your goals and relationships
  • Hopelessness or anxiety about the future

When Moses encountered the burning bush, three times, he asked the question, “Who am I?” But God offers a better question for those struggling with their identity.

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Guest: Jen Evangelista and Arabah Joy of Sojo Academy

Bible Passage: Exodus 3:1-12 ESV

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Jen Evangelista & Arabah Joy (Sojo Academy)

As a career missionary (AJ) and a pastor’s wife (Jen), Arabah Joy and Jen Evangelista have spent the last 27+ years mentoring others in their relationship with God.

Collectively, they’ve adopted internationally, lived in 5 different countries, gone through medical school, put their husbands through seminary, planted churches, worked as professionals, started their own businesses, served as military wives, volunteered in schools, and homeschooled kids.

Because of this, they bring decades of ministry and life experience to the women they serve in Sojo Academy, the global community of women they run together. For more, visit

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A Better Question

Moses had lots of reasons for an identity crisis. We can relate as we hear him say, “Who am I?” when God gives him his assignment through a burning bush. But did you catch the better question that the text seems to be answering? Who is God?

I hope you’ll take some time in Exodus 3 and consider this True Story of the Burning Bush. Maybe as you lay your head on the pillow, or you’re driving your kids somewhere, or talking a walk, think through this story and consider, “Who is God?” And then live like the story is true.

What You Need to Know About Your Identity Crisis {Sojo Academy} Click To Tweet

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