Meet my friend, Jessie Clemence. I truly love the way she writes. For one, she makes me laugh out loud. And the girl knows how to tell a story. The right way. (There is a wrong way, you know. When you tell a story the wrong way, people don’t know if you’ve finished. You have to say, “So, yeah,” to let people know you’re done. With Jessie, you always know when her story has landed. So, yeah.) But Jessie is also very wise and shares sound truth to live by. We’ve never studied the Bible together, but I feel like we have, when I read her work. 

Also, I am so HONORED to be the back cover endorser for Jessie’s new book, I Could Use a Nap and a Million Dollars. But I’m not going to tell you what I said. Oh, no I’m not. You’ll have to get a copy for yourself if you want to read THAT. (Plus, I can’t remember what I said. Ha!) 

Jessie and I both have the distinguished privilege of being published by Kregel Publications. And we’re both Michigan girls. I got to know Jessie a bit at the Breathe Writer’s Conference—which she is on the planning committee for (bless her soul)—here in Grand Rapids, MI. 

If you could use a nap and a million dollars, you need to hear from Jessie (who will let you hear from Jesus):

I hope you’re ready to laugh, to cry a little (just kidding– no one cries when they read this book), and to finally realize you’re not alone in the madness of your life.

We’re all stressed out, and this is hardly the abundant life Jesus has offered us! In the book I talk about all the ways stress steals our joy, we apply Bible passages to the situation, and then I tell you a lot of dumb stories. Just the way we all like it.

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Want to go take a nap now?

Go ahead. You’re dismissed. And maybe you’ll have a dream about winning a million dollars. 🙂


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