When Lindsay was five, I took her shopping and let her choose a Christmas gift for each family member. For Mamaw (my mom), she chose a figurine of a little girl. You can imagine how lovely it was, since it was from the Dollar Store.

Mom, of course, gave Lindsay a big hug and told her how much she loved it. But some years later, I noticed the little figurine, still proudly displayed among all of the beautiful things in Mom’s bedroom. When I asked about it, Mom said warmly, “Oh, yes. Lindsay picked that out for me.” 
When Cole was eight, he picked out a Spy Kids 3D baseball hat for ‘Papaw’ (my dad) at Santa’s Secret Shop. Many-a-time, I’ve seen Dad out working in the yard, wearing his hat. If I comment on it with a chuckle, Dad always says with a big grin, “Cole got me this hat!”
Some gifts are valued because of how much the gift itself, cost. Other gifts may or may not be costly, but are treasured because of the sweet relationship which gives the gift its context. 
Christmas is all about relationships. Jesus came from Heaven to be born on Christmas for one reason: relationships. His death on the cross made it possible for our relationship with God, the Father, to be healed. But Jesus also had our healed relationships with others in mind, when he came to save us. He said that our love for each other would be the tell-tale sign that we are his followers. (John 13:35).  
Without the sweet context of relationship, a Dollar store figurine or a Spy Kids hat has very little significance or meaning. Without relationships, the Christmas gift-giving tradition is reduced to a group of consumers gathering around a Christmas tree!

As women who are gifted for relationship, we can and should create a home environment where savored relationships give Christmas gifts their significance. Let’s plan ahead. What can we do to give the shedding of wrapping paper and bows around the tree the correct  context? How can we help our families to gather, not just as consumers, but as brothers, sisters, fathers, daughters, moms and dads? 

The savoring of healed relationships is what prompted the first Christmas. Let’s keep that tradition in our homes this year!
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