I created this fun activity for my daughter’s classroom Valentine’s Party. This will work well for 3rd-6th graders, either in large groups or small.

Supplies: printable page, candy hearts for each child.

To play, give each child a box or baggie of conversation hearts. Have the kids pair up at their desks, so that they can share their funny stories with a friend.

Give each child the printable set of four stories. Tell them that the stories have blanks in them, which can be filled in with the words on their hearts. Beginning with whichever story they like, they can arrange the candy hearts over the heart shapes, and create a funny story, like this one:

On Valentine’s Day, a card came in the mail for me that said TOO COOL. Who was this card from? I asked my cousin, but he said, “CUTE”. My neighbor said, “REAL LOVE”. It was a mystery! “MY BABY”, said my mom. “SURE LOVE” said my dad. I put the card on my desk and said ALL MINE. Then I saw my little brother peeking into my room at the card. “Is it from you?” I asked. He said, “LOL!” 

When they are ready, have the kids read their first story to their partner. Then, they can rearrange their candy hearts to create a new story. After the kids have had about ten minutes to work in pairs, give volunteers a chance to read their funny heart stories to the class.

The combinations–and the giggles–are endless!

To get a printable version of this game, click here.

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