Looking for some games for your child’s classroom Christmas party? Here is one of my favorites. This game will work for second through fifth graders:

Four Corners
Make signs for the following categories on four pieces of paper:

    • Christmas characters
    • Christmas songs
    • Christmas decorations
    • Christmas treats
Tape the categories in the four corners of the room. (It doesn’t have to be exactly in the corner. Make adjustments if needed.You’ll need room for kids to stand near the sign.)
Stand in the middle of the room, and when you say, “Go!”, close your eyes. The kids each choose a corner to go stand near. They may choose whichever corner they like. When everyone is still and quiet, call out an item which fits in one of these categories. For example: 
  • Joseph (a Christmas character)
  • ‘Sleigh Ride’ (sing a phrase from it so they know you’re referring to a Christmas song)
  • stockings (a Christmas decoration)
  • gingerbread house (a Christmas treat)

 The children in that category have to take their seats. The remaining kids get to go on to the next round. Again, close your eyes, have them choose a corner, and call out something from one of these categories. Keep going until only one child remains as the winner.

Tip: Tell the kids that you can HEAR them, even though their eyes are closed. If you hear a whole heard of children in the ‘Christmas character’ corner, you’re likely to choose something from that category! This way the kids will try to be quiet as possible, so you don’t know where they are. 🙂 (I like games that encourage orderliness, don’t you??)

Here is a list of options for each category. Obviously, it’s not exhaustive, but it will give you some ideas. Have fun!

Christmas Bingo: Here’s a game I shared last year. I’ve created a pdf file, which includes instructions and game boards which you can print out. This Christmas Bingo game is unique because each child creates his own game board–no two will be alike.

Do you have a game that has worked especially well? Please comment!

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