Here’s a fun game for a Baby Shower called “Possible Parenting Advice”.

  • Supplies:
    • 1 package of 3×5 cards
    • 2 baskets, labeled “Questions” and “Advice”
  • Give everyone two cards. 
    • On the first card, ask everyone to write a question a new mom might have about caring for her baby. For example, “How often should I feed my baby?” or “What should I do if my baby tries to roll off the changing table?”etc.
    • On the second card, have everyone write a question a mom might have when her child is older. For example, “What should I do when my child won’t share her toys?” or “What should I do when my child won’t stay in bed?”
  • Gather all of the cards in a basket that is labeled “Questions”.
  • Now, give everyone two more cards. Have them write down possible advice for the questions they wrote on their first two cards. It doesn’t matter if they lack baby experience. These are just ideas–possible advice.
  • Gather all of these cards in a basket that says “Advice”.
  • Now, go around the circle. Have each person draw a card from the “Questions” basket, and then get some advice for this question from the “Advice” basket. The combinations are often hilarious!
We hosted a shower for Lindsay’s small group leader from youth group this week, and had a lot of fun with this game. The first two cards drawn were: “What should I do if my baby has a tummy ache?” The possible advice was: “Slap her hand and firmly say, ‘No, no!'” We told Kerrie that was possible advice, but maybe she should try some other things first. 🙂
This game worked well with a multi aged group. Enjoy!

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