Cade (straightening his desk): When I’m grown up, I’m gonna have a desk and put my phone and my computer on it.

Me: Oh… Are you going to be a business man, like Daddy?

Cade: No, I’m gonna be a cool guy. I’m gonna have a rich house and a motorcycle.

Me: Well, how will you get the money to buy all of that cool stuff?

Cade: I’m gonna work at the police station.

Me: Do those guys make a lot of money? I’m not sure they do.

Cade: Yeah, they do! Those guys get, like $100.

Me: But a motorcycle costs about $8,000.

Cade: Well, if you work at the police station, you can just pick one up for free.

Me: Ok, maybe. But Jesus says that lots of money and things won’t make us happy.

Cade: Really? I think it would make ME happy.

Me: Lots of people think that. They spend their whole lives trying to get more money and things. But many, many rich people are very unhappy. Serving Jesus with our lives is what brings true joy.

Cade: Oh, yeah. That’s what I’m gonna do then. But some Christians have motorcycles, right? Do you think Jesus would mind if I got a motorcycle?

Me: (smiling): Well, when you’re old enough to have one, you can ask him.

Cade: (looking with satisfaction at his now orderly desk): I’m going to be an organized Christian. With a motorcycle.

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