The Lord is my Shepherd. I shall not want.
He makes me lie down in green pastures,
he leads me beside still waters,
he restores my soul.
Psalm 23:1-3

“Mommy, where are my socks? I have none in my drawer.”

“Mom, Cade needs you. He just spilled all the dog food when he was feeding Diggy.”

“Mommy, can you quiz me on common and proper nouns? I have a quiz today.”

What would a morning, void of any wants, look like at my house? Would my children silently shuffle around the kitchen, smiling and performing the morning’s tasks? What would I be doing?

I can tell you that! I’d be frozen in the hallway, looking on in wonderment.

I shall not want” seems like a foreign land, compared to my kitchen in the morning. But to the sheepfold of God, it is a quiet cottage of retreat. Even in the midst of spilled dog food and sockless drawers, we are invited to dwell in the land of no wants. And does the Father look on in wonderment, as we rest beside still waters? No, he pulls up a lawn chair and communes.

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