There’s this store in the mall that I’ve been known to grumble about. It’s dark in there, the music is blaring, and the smell trails behind me when I leave. 
Plus, it’s selling more than just clothes. When you shop there, you’re bombarded with the not-so-subtle message that buying sexy clothes will get you sexy dates, and sexy dates are really the only thing that matters.
If you’re a mom who wants her tweens to dress modestly and resist premature dating, you can see why I balk at entering.
But today, I did enter. My son was invited to a party, and the birthday girl named this particular store as the best option, if he happened to be looking for a gift card. He was, and we went.
Only this is the picture on the gift card, which the employee handed him after he paid…
See the picture and read the rest of my story at Beyond Bath Time.

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