The other day, Cade (age 8) said to me, “Mom, I really love it when you tell me that you love me. You know, like when you give me a kiss at night and say you love me? It makes me feel all warm when you say that. It gives me hope.”

Then yesterday, when he hopped out of the van at practice, I called, “Love you, Bud.” Cade turned with this little grin and said, “See? You’re giving me hope again!”

I thought ‘hope’ was an interesting word choice for an eight-year-old boy. Hope has to do with the future. Hope is what steadies and buoys us. Hope gives perspective. It does for me.

Even though I’m not a perfect mom, my love fills my little boy with hope. He can face the chills of the day–the words of a bully or exclusion on the playground or red ink on an assignment–with a smile. Because he knows that no matter what, he will return to me cherished and belonging.

This is the sort of love that God, who is a perfect parent, gives to all of his children. We can face our bullies and red ink with a smile, too. We know that we are cherished and belong… to Him!

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