When I was a summer camp counselor, our director kept  this yellow playground ball in the room where the counselors met–it was a therapy ball of sorts.

You could call for the Yellow Ball when you had a story to share or just wanted to rant for a while. You’d hold the ball while you talked, and everyone would listen and not and not interrupt. And then… you felt glad that you had shared.

Well, in my Tiny Paragraphs blog, I feel like I’ve been hogging the ‘Yellow Ball’. I’d like to give you a chance to talk! So I’m offering up the Yellow Ball in hopes that you’ll take it and share your story. I promise that we’ll all listen and save our comments till the end. And I just know you’ll be really glad you shared!

Now if you want to rant or make shock-effect statements, you’ll need to find another blog. But if you have a story–a ‘tiny paragraph’ to share? Well then, the Yellow Ball is just waiting for you. Send me your post at shanpopkin@gmail.com.

As you prepare your story, here are some guidelines to consider:

  • I’d love to hear from other writers. Or those who would like to call themselves a writer (I feel this way on most days). Or those who just have a ‘tiny paragraph’ that others will enjoy. Also, if you have a friend who might be interested, would you send her/him a link to this post?
  • Please tell a story–something that happened to you or your child; something you observed, etc. Keep your word count under 500 words. In a sentence or two at the end, link your ‘tiny paragraph’ to the One Great Story. (For more about what I mean by this, go here.) Make sure that your spiritual parallel or comparison is consistent with the Bible’s teaching.
  • If you’d like, we’ll include a short bio and a picture of you at the end. We can link to your blog, website, or Facebook page… whatever way you might like to give readers a chance to connect more with you. Or, if you’d rather remain anonymous, that’s fine, too.
  • Also, if you’re interested in having me edit or make suggestions for your ‘tiny paragraph’, I’m up for that. I’d love to share what I’ve learned about storytelling with you. (This might especially appeal to new[er] writers.)
I can’t promise that I’ll publish everything that comes my way. But I do promise to consider every ‘tiny paragraph’ I receive, so… Who wants the Yellow Ball next?

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