Hey, I’m so glad you’re here! I hope you’ll take a look around and tell me what you think!

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Up until now, I’ve kind of slogged along on my own, doing the best I could with my site, but recently I enlisted the help of Fistbump Media for the redesign of my site. Susan Stilwell is amazing! She knows how to read your mind and deliver just what you wanted… when you didn’t think you knew what you wanted!

I hope you’ll find the site vaguely familiar, but better. Or if you’re brand new, I hope you’ll be able to more easily find all of the great content we have for you.

How to Win

I’ll be giving away gift cards to Panara, Starbucks, and Amazon, plus some books and coloring books on Sunday. I’d love to send a gift your way! You have three ways to win.

1. Leave a Comment

Leave a comment anywhere! Either somewhere here on the site, or on social media. I’d love to hear about what you like–or don’t like (that can be quite helpful)! Or you could share a bit of trivia you picked up—something that proves you’ve looked around a bit.

Need help? Here are some questions you could answer:

  • What is the tagline in my logo?
  • How many daughters do I have?
  • What is a song on the Control Girl Playlist?
  • Name your favorite endorser of my book.
  • How much is my coloring book in my shop?
  • What is the title of my latest blog series?
  • Where will I be speaking in March?
  • Name one of the people who have interviewed me.

You know… stuff like that.

If you’d like to comment under one of my posts on social media, here are some links for you:

2. Share Something!

Share anywhere! Well, anywhere I can find it, that is. Please tag me @shannonpopkin or use #controlgirl so I can find what you shared.

Sharing gets you TWO entries to win! You could share this post. Or share a page. Or a blog post. Or something you downloaded from the site (like a meditation card). Share anything!

Remember, tag me @ShannonPopkin or use #controlgirl and I will find you!

3. Subscribe

This gets you FIVE entries to win! Hopefully you can find your way to a place to sign up. (I feel like it would be cheating to add a link here!)

What if you Win?

I’ll announce winners both here and on facebook on SUNDAY at 2 pm. Which means you don’t have much time…(Though you’re always welcome here on the site!) So be a good neighbor. Invite your friends!

Most of all, I hope you enjoy the space here.

We’ve worked hard to make it welcoming for you and any friends you bring, plus organized pretty. Do let me know if you see something that still needs work. I have a feeling that just like a home, it will never be quite finished.

Thanks for coming!!



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