I just received word that Thriving Family will be changing from a subscription-based magazine to a free publication, at least for a time–depending on funding. Thriving Family is a relatively new publication of Focus on the Family, and I think it’s their best parenting magazine yet!

If you already subscribe, go here to find out what this means for you. For a new subscription, go to http://www.thrivingfamily.com/ and click on ‘subscribe’ in the top right corner.

I’ve had the pleasure of contributing a couple little things to Thriving Family. The following are my contributions to the current issue’s feature article, entitled, ’50 Guilt Free Resolutions’. Isn’t that a great title? I know you’ll want to get cracking on these…

“In 2011, we will leave Monopoly set up until someone actually wins.”

“This year, we will celebrate the little stuff at dinner. We’ll decorate the chairs of two-wheel riders and soccer goal scorers. We’ll honor tooth losers by serving pudding for dessert. We’ll make papers with stickers and A’s part of our table’s centerpiece.”

“This year, our family will skip at least two events which we are expected to attend. We will put on our pajamas, watch a movie together, and go to bed early.”

“In 2011, we will invite one family over per month on the spur-of-the-moment. The house will be messy, the food will be delivered, and the evening will be fantastic!”

“We will play every single family game in our cupboard at least once.”

Which one will you try???

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