One day, when our daughter was three, Ken noticed her sitting on the potty in the dark. He said, “Why didn’t you turn the light on, Honey?”

She sighed and said, “Well, dis way I won’t fowget to tuwn it off.” Ken talks about turning lights off quite a bit, so our little girl had found her own way to comply… She’d just sit in the dark.

I sometimes sit in the dark, too. Not in the bathroom, but in my marriage, or my parenting, or my time management. But when I sit, in the dark, I’m not nearly so sweet. I usually have my arms crossed and I’m muttering something like, “You want me to comply to Your limits? Fine, then.” So with teeth clenched, I find my own way to submit to my husband, or show patience with my child, or balance my schedule.   

But God didn’t introduce these limits because he wanted to keep me boxed into darkness. Rather, he loves to flood my life with light and sweetness and smiles. He is a good Father. And he thinks a life lived in his light is very good.

Do you live like it's true?

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