Dear Event or Retreat Planner,

Thanks for all of the ways you serve the Lord by serving your group. I’m so excited that you’re considering (or planning on) me as a speaker! It would be my joy to partner with you, in your ministry to women.

My hope in providing this page is to make your job a bit easier. If there’s something you need but don’t see, please let me know. I’m happy to help in whatever way I can.


Event Planner Shortcuts:

These are the most common resources that we think you’ll be looking for! Please keep scrolling for more options.


  • Popkin-Intro-Closing – Print to use for your even’ts introduction of Shannon and closing.
  • Popkin Bio – Copy and paste this bio into your newsletter, blog post, etc.

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  • Control Girl Handout 8.5 x 11 – Print for your women to take notes as Shannon speaks on “Control Girl”. (Note: please don’t use this handout for retreats.)
  • Discussion Questions – Print for each group if you plan to have a discussion time at the end of your event. (Note: we have expanded discussion questions for retreats.)
  • Bible Study Group Wrap Up Discussion Questions – Print and cut in half. Use these questions for your group’s wrap up to the Control Girl study.
  • Coloring Sheet Front Side and Back Side – Print (white cardstock works best) as a free gift to your group’s participants, with original artwork taken from our companion coloring book, Reflections on Surrender. You’ll need to cut these in half.

Popkin Shortcuts for Event Planners

Promotion Graphics & Templates:

Feel free to add your own content or use these in any way that is helpful to you, as you plan your event:

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Shannon’s Bio:

Permission granted to use photos for promotion purposes:

Printable Bookmarks, Coloring Page, etc.

Feel free to personalize these for your group (ie: Crossroads Church Spring Brunch, April 2018) and use them in any way that is helpful to you as you plan:


We suggest using a hole punch and adding a lavender ribbon!

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Here is a FREE PRINTABLE 8.5×11 page of bookmarks. Again, we suggest printing on white cardstock and using a hole punch to add a purple ribbon on top:

Page of Control Girl Bookmarks

Coloring Sheets

Here are two FREE printable, coloring sheet options! These correlate with my “Control Girl” “Have a Mary Christmas” messages. They are adapted from my Reflections on Surrendercoloring book, a companion to Control Girl. Feel free to print them for each place setting, or use them as giveaways.

We suggest printing on white cardstock and cutting them in half. (An office store will usually do a clean cut for you for only a couple of dollars.) These coloring pages are offered free of charge, but we do ask that you also print the “back side” of the coloring sheet, which includes more information:

Coloring Page front

Christmas Coloring Page front

Coloring Page back


Print off as magnets (you can buy printable magnet sheets at craft stores) for your women to take home as a memento of your Control Girl event or retreat.

This is a theme verse for my Control Girl message, and matches my slides.

magnet (pdf)

Download Party Favor Options


As women, we aren’t trying to exasperate anyone. We only control because we care! We’re invested! We feel an urgency—a responsibility, even—to make everything turn out right. But the more we clamp down on the people we love or the outcomes we can’t live without, the more miserable everyone becomes (us, included). Thankfully, God offers a better way.

Join Shannon as she helps you get perspective on control, yourself, and God. You’ll leave with practical steps for loosening your sweaty grip on life’s outcomes, and unloading your burdens into the big, wise hands of the One who truly is in control.

“Control Girl” Resources for Event/Retreat Planners

These resources work well, if I’ll be speaking on “Control Girl” for your event or retreat. Please see my full list of speaking topics here.

Event & Retreat Printables

The following FREE printable resources are available to you as you plan your retreat: You can create the entire booklet, print certain handouts, or use none at all! The design on these printable pages does match the design of my slides. 

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Event Printables

Retreat Printables

Download 8.5×11 Retreat Printable Options (Zip File)

Thanks to Molly Van Roekel for her graphic art used in my materials. You can purchase “Watercolor Asters” to create matching graphics.

Guided Prayer Stations

These are designed to use in correlation with a Control Girl retreat or event. Feel free to print and set up “stations” for women to use in a self-guided prayer time. You might want to print on cardstock, then fold them in half to create a “sign”. 

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Most of the stations will require supplies and a bit of set up (read the instructions on the page). Some groups like to play worship music softly in the background, dim the lights, and use candles (or flameless candles) to set a worshipful tone.

Control Girl Prayer Stations_Complete Set

List of Supplies

If you’d like, gather some candles and have soft lighting with soft worship music playing in the background. This sets a nice ambiance. Spread the Prayer stations out, so that your women can wander from station to station. They don’t have to go in order! Make sure they have their Bible with them.

Here’s what you’ll need for each station (but please feel free to improvise as needed!):

  • Station 1: small white board, black and red dry erase markers, eraser
  • Station 2: paper (perhaps lined?) to make a collective list. At the top, write, “Things God alone Has Control Over”.
  • Station 3: half sheets of paper or 3×5 cards, pens/pencils
  • Station 4: small ceramic tiles (you can buy cheap ones at Lowe’s or Home Depot), permanent marker, brown paper bags (lunch bags), hammer, trash can
  • Station 5: half sheets of paper and green, red, purple, and blue pens or fine time markers
  • Station 6: 3×5 cards, “Surrender Verses” printed (see the link above)

Thanks to Molly Van Roekel for her graphic art used in my materials. You can purchase “Watercolor Asters” to create matching graphics.

Control Girl Playlist

These songs blend nicely with the “Control Girl to Jesus Girl” message. Some work well for corporate singing, others are better for special or intro/background music. To check out the Youtube “Control Girl Playlist”, go here

See More:

Thanks to Molly Van Roekel for her graphic art used in my materials. You can purchase “Watercolor Asters” to create matching graphics.

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