Reflections on Surrender:

A Control Girl Coloring Book

God never intended you to carry the burden of trying to control everything.

You might be willing to say that God is in control, but do you live like He needs your assistance? Do you heap the burden of control onto your own shoulders, then stagger under the weight of constantly trying to make everything turn out “right”?

We’d like to entice you with a different perspective.

Inside these pages, you’ll be invited to surrender to an all-powerful, loving God. You’ll be reminded that He’s already in control, which means you don’t have to be!

As you find a restful place to color and reflect on the truths contained here, you’ll find peace soaking into your very soul.

Meet the Author & Artist

The original “Zentangling” artwork in Reflections on Surrender was done by artist, editor, and author, Janyre Tromp (on the right).

You can find more from Janyre at “Beautiful Ugly Me: Celebrating Life Even when it Isn’t Pretty”, or connect with her on facebook, twitter, or instagram.

And I’m Shannon Popkin (on the left). I added the words to this book, drawing heavily from ideas and verses which influenced the content of my new Bible study, Control Girl. 

A New Friend & A New Book

Janyre and I first met when she became the acquisitions editor for Control Girl at Kregel Publications.

I suppose it’s not very common to find out that you live just a few miles away from your editor. And it might be even less common to count her a dear friend by the time your book is finished! But this was my experience with my editor and friend, Janyre.

As our friendship grew, so did the idea for this coloring book! (It was her idea, actually. But what a good one it was!) We had so much fun putting this book together for you. We hope that you’ll enjoy every page as much as we do. Most of all, we hope that as you add color and design to the artwork in this book, you’ll also soak your heart in the truth on the page – reminding yourself that God is in control, so you don’t have to be.

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