Your Plan for Leading Well (Session 3)


This 60 minute video course is designed for women who are just stepping out to lead a group for the first time, or who want to hit reset (especially in 2020) and think about how to lead well, as challenges arise.

You’ve made the phone calls and gathered your women. You’ve chosen a time, place, and study. And you’ve had an amazing kick off. With a start like that, what could go wrong?

Well… As a seasoned leader, I can think of a few things. Such as:

  • One woman dominates the conversation
  • Another woman says nothing
  • Prayer request time goes forever
  • Some prayer requests sound more like gossip
  • The conversation easily turns to anything but the Bible
  • A woman shares something that isn’t biblical
  • Group meetings can sometimes feel like a therapy session
  • Attendance starts to taper off
  • Your women only share superficially

Please join me as I share some of the strategies I’ve learned for overcoming these challenges and more.

*This course is video based (not live) and is session three of three in “Lead that Small Group”. You can choose either one session or all three.

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We’ll talk about the most common challenges that small group leaders face, and you’ll identify which struggles you might be prone to as a leader. You’ll leave this session with strategies for avoiding pitfalls and leading your women well, even when things don’t go perfectly.

This course is video based (not live) and is session two of three in “Lead that Small Group”.

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