Comparison Girl Video Teaching Sessions 1-6


Join Shannon for six sessions of teaching, which correlate with Comparison Girl. These teaching sessions can also be used independent of the book.

Available May 19, 2020


Join author and Bible teacher, Shannon Popkin, for six teaching sessions correlate with the six chapters of Comparison Girl. You'll examine additional texts and probe even deeper into the topic of comparison, from Jesus's perspective. Great for small group or individual use. The Comparison Girl Companion Journal includes the passages of Scripture for you to mark, along with additional observation study and discussion questions.

  • Session 1: From Measuring Up to Pouring Out - John 10:1-16
  • Session 2: Comparing My Sin and Your Sin - Luke 7:36-50
  • Session 3: Comparing Wealth - Mark 12:41-44, Luke 12:13-21
  • Session 4: Comparing Skin-Deep Packaging - Matthew 6: 1-7, 16-18
  • Session 5: Comparing Ministries - Matthew 25:14-30
  • Session 6: Comparing Status - John 13:1-17

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