I do have one game. Christmas Bingo is ready to go for Cade’s second grade class. (The link takes you to the printable game, created by yours truly.)  But I’ll bet there are some better games out there. And in my opinion, a party hinges on the games.

So, while you gradeschool moms are in the throws of classroom Christmas party-ing, can you send your great game ideas (either your own or one you’ve seen) to me?

Please give some simple instructions for your game, tell what grade levels it would work for, and let me know why kids dig it. I’ll post the one that I think is best, and if it’s yours I’ll send a Christmas present from ME to YOU in the mail!

Also, if you post my plea for great games on your blog or facebook page, and you send the winner my way, YOU get a present, too! (Tell your friends to mention your name.)

Send your ideas to: shanpopkin@gmail.com. Please get them to me by midnight of Wednesday, 12/21. I’ll post the winner on Thursday, 12/22.

In the meantime, Cade’s second grade class will be playing Christmas Bingo. But, next year…

(Christmas) Game On!

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