Once, when I was about ten, my dad jumped into a river and swam among sharp rocks and white water rapids (at least that’s the way I remember it) to rescue… not me, but my beloved jelly shoe. The comfy plastic shoes were a beautiful red color, and I was quite proud of them. The current had slipped one off my foot while I played on the rocks, and seeing my dismay, Daddy had jumped in without a moment’s hesitation.
That’s just the sort of Dad I have. He would do anything to protect me—or my shoes! He is brave and strong, and loves to see me smile.
I have another Father who risked far more than white water to rescue far more than my shoe. He rescued my soul from a lake of fire. And so I smile. And my smile makes his smile spread and broaden in a Fatherly way, highlighting his greatness and beauty.

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