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The more roller coasters my 8-year-old rode during our day at an amusement park, the more he wanted to ride. (Just the opposite was true of me.) On our last ride of the day, he even offered to be the one to ride alone. So we piled in — Cade alone in his seat, and his sister and me in the seat ahead of him. 

As our car clanked up the enormous, rather rickety-looking mountain at the beginning of the ride, I could hear Cade behind me, giggling. He thinks the clinking and creaking is funny. 

I don’t. 

Then we were off with a big whoosh, followed by a series of dips that made you feel like the coaster was flying up off the tracks. Suddenly, I could hear Cade calling, “Hey, Mom! Hey, Mom!” But we were being jostled abruptly in various directions, and I couldn’t gather enough breathe to answer him.

“Whaaaaaaaaaat?” I shouted, as the coaster took another huge dive.

He yelled, “Mommy, my seat belt is undone and I keep flying up in the air!!”

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