Chapter 9 Meditations: Control Girl to Jesus Girl

These cards correlate with the lessons in Chapter 4 of Control Girl. Here are two FREE companion resources for you:

Meditation Chart

This has all of the meditations from this chapter in one handy chart. Individuals can print this sheet to meditate and review. Leaders can print the chart for group discussion: Chapter 9 Meditation Chart

Meditation Cards

Download FULL SET of 9 Cards

Please feel free to download, share, or save these digital images. They are intended for you!

  • For ideas on how to use the cards to meditate on truth, go here.
  • You can print these as 4 x 6 cards or photos.
  • You are also welcome to save or share these digitally.

I hope that these cards are an encouragement to you on your journey from Control Girl to Jesus Girl.

Blessings to you!

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