My friend was volunteering in her daughter’s class recently, when a little boy came to her for help. He was trying to complete a word search puzzle with his spelling words. He said, “Mine doesn’t have any spelling words in here.”

My friend tried to encourage him, and said, “They’re in there. You just have to keep looking.”

He said, “No, I think they made a mistake with mine. It doesn’t have any words.”

She smiled and looked into his eyes and said, “Keep looking, Buddy. You have to keep looking.”

Whenever I experience something really trying or difficult, I tend to think, “This must be a mistake. God couldn’t have intended for it to be this way.”

But like my friend said, in those times I have to keep looking. Even if I strain my eyes, staring at the thing and still can’t make any sense of what God has allowed, I have to keep looking. I have to keep doing my ‘Word search’ and my heart search, too. Keep looking. I have to keep looking.

God doesn’t make mistakes.

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