I’m thankful for each and every opportunity I’ve had to share the Control Girl message (among others!)—either from a platform or from television, radio, and online interviews. Below are some highlights.

If you’re interested in having me come speak, or scheduling an interview, please contact me. Thanks so much!

Control Girl Clips

Thanks so much to Revive Our Hearts for letting me share these little snippets of my Control Girl message:

Revive Our Hearts with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

It was such a privilege to spend a day with Nancy Wolgemuth at Revive our Hearts studios, where we taped three radio broadcasts (below) related to my new book, Control Girl–which Nancy was kind enough to endorse. Nancy is an expert interviewer and did such a great job of directing these three conversations. Also, check out the video segments (to the left), which Revive Our Hearts produced!

Moms in Prayer Podcast – with Lee Nyenhuis

Do you have a control problem?  Control issues in motherhood are easy to detect in others, but can mask themselves in our own lives.  Today, Lee and best-selling author, Shannon Popkin get real about fear, anger, and loosening our grip on families.  Quick spoiler- it involves prayer!


Making Your Life Count” with Steve Douglas, President of Cru

I love the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, or Cru–as it’s known in the US. Here are several two minute radio interview clips with Steve Douglas, president of Cru.

Grit ‘n’ Grace” with Amy Carroll and Cheri Gregory

It’s hard for reforming perfectionists and people-pleasers to give up control! Amy and Cheri believe that every good girl can grow her grit, embrace God’s grace, and learn to break bad rules. I LOVED talking with them about how control is one of those “bad rules” we need to break.

The Harvest Show

So thankful for the opportunity to talk about the topic of control on the Harvest Show. “It’s a burden, people!” Valerie said in closing. Yes, indeed. But aren’t you so thankful that we don’t have to carry this burden of control? God carries it, so we don’t have to.

TV8’s “Where You Live” with Maranda

Thanks to WOTV4Women and Wood TV 8 for having me on the “Where you Live” show with Maranda! Maranda is a delightful host, and such a supporter in our community. It was truly an honor to be on the show.

Igniting the Nation with Reverend/Rabbi Eric Walker

It was an honor to be interviewed by Rev/Rabbi Eric Walker, on “Igniting the Nation“! I enjoyed learning from him, even during the interview!

Crosswalk with Eric & Angel in Denver, CO

I loved this interview with Angel & Eric on Denver’s 94.7 The Word. You can watch Angel and Eric (the hosts on the other side of my phone) live on facebook! I thought they were the perfect blend of fun and genuine. Our topic was, “Who’s in Control?”

Bible Study Expo with Marni Swedberg

Marni is a sweet, energetic host, filled with wisdom and insight. It was a joy to talk with Marni about Control Girl, and an honor to be included in her annual “Bible Study Expo”! Marnie interviewed twelve authors about their newly released Bible studies. You can listen in to last year’s guests, and sign up for next year’s expo at

Mid-Morning with Jill Ford on WBCL

I loved the open-ended interview style of Lynne Ford​ on the The WBCL Radio Network​. Together, we tackled questions like, “How should I respond to my controlling mother?” And “What should I do about my 7-year-old who wants to eat and wear whatever she wants?” Lots to think about, as we consider the path of #ControlGirltoJesusGirl! Listen in here.


Faith Radio with Jo Bender

I enjoyed this interview so much. Here’s a quote:

“Surrender can happen even in the little moments of the day. Rather than caving into my own selfish desires; putting that on hold, and saying, ‘Not my will but Yours be done. Not my will but Yours be done.’ So I say start with your tongue. James compares our tongue to a rudder. If we want to go in a different direction with our lives; if we want to go from Control Girls to Jesus Girls, let’s start with what we say. Don’t we as women use our tongues to get control? We try to say things, manipulate, put pressure…even just sighs. We use these things to get control. If we want to live in surrender to God and let Him be in control, I say start with your tongue.

So, that might involve 57 times of not saying something that you would ordinarily say to get control of the situation, but just being quiet, and gracious and kind, and waiting on God to move in a way that you can’t foresee how God’s going to turn this around, but you’re determined that it’s not going to be your tongue that’s controlling a situation. If we will do that–surrender in the little moments with our tongue, we start changing, we become different… Surrender does change us. If we behave like Jesus did, saying, “Not my will but yours be done,” we start becoming like Jesus.”

Moody Radio with Perry Lahaie

It was super fun to have a radio interview in my own home town and have friends tell me, “I heard you on my way to work!” You can listen to the 3 day interview here.

Perry Lahaie of Moody Radio raised the question, “What about when God’s dream for my life doesn’t match my own dream?” You can hear that part of the conversation about about 12:40.


“Feathers” with Amy Bennett

What a joy to get to know Amy Bennett, and take part of her 7th season of the “Feathers” podcast. Such a great conversation! Tune in here.

Encounter with Judy Redlich

What a charming woman, Judy is. I so enjoyed speaking with her about my new book, Control Girl. “Encounter” was of my favorite interviews.

Here’s what I got to share in closing:”Taking control never brings the peace and security and hope that you’re trying to achieve. It leads the other way. It makes everyone miserable. And while surrender is not easy–it’s a difficult, uphill path, I think it leads to exactly what we’re looking for. It leads to that settled hope, knowing that God is in control and that we don’t have to be.”

The Debbie Chavez Show

I loved meeting Debbie Chavez! What a great lady, and invested servant of the Lord. Loved talking with her about my new book.

Interview on the Debbie Chavez show:


Always Faithful with Athena Dean Holtz

I love Athena’s beautiful faith and encouragement for women! I so enjoyed being interviewed by Athena on her program “Always Faithful”, which aired on KCIS 630 in Seattle, WA. As an added bonus, I got to meet Athena in person at the Speak Up Conference in 2017!


Sunday Night Live with Kim Weir on KSBJ

I got to join Kim Weir for “Super Girl Sunday” and talk about “Control Girl”. She was a great host and I enjoyed the conversation so much!

Listen in here.

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