I was talking to a young mom at church, when a little boy came up and tugged on her skirt. He said, “I hun-gy.”

She picked him up and continued to talk to me. A few moments later, he said again, “I hun-gy.” She bounced him on her hip a little and tried to finish her thought.

The third time, he took his chubby hands and turned her face to his and said, “I HUN-GY!”

Now, what if, at this point, I asked her, “Is this your little boy?” What a ridiculous question. Of course he’s her little boy! Why else would he be repeatedly telling her that he’s ‘hun-gy’?

I wonder if, like this little boy, it would be obvious to everyone that I belong to God, based on the way that I come to Him when I need something. Would asking if I am God’s child seem like a ridiculous question? Or do I go tugging everywhere else besides God to find what I need?

Do you live like it's true?

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