In our new house (new to me two years ago, that is…) we had a big empty wall in the hallway. I also had a big bulging envelope of pictures taken by photographers of my babies. Plus, I had a big sagging box of old photo frames.

Put it all together, and I here’s what I made:

Rather than buying new frames, I spray painted my conglomeration of frames in a uniform color. I chose a dark brownish gray color. It took me a while (using a level, ruler and pencil) to measure out where to place the frames so that they were equal distance apart. I also resorted to using masking tape underneath to keep playful fingers from constantly tilting them.

The expression in the middle is from Uppercase Living:

$4.50 for spray paint + $15 for the Uppercase Living expression. So, for under $20 I filled a blank wall with my absolute favorite pieces of art. In my decorating experience, that is success.

Feel free to share your ways of displaying baby pictures. (I still have more in my envelope!)

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