When you’re planning a classroom party, sometimes you want to have some Fillers & Extras ready to go, to fill any time gaps that you might have.

I like to use ‘Paragraphs with Holes’. You know–the stories with words missing that the kids fill in. It keeps all of the fun rolling in the same direction, and gives the kids some bonus practice on parts of speech! (There’s a review at the bottom of this post if the kids–or you!–need a refresher.)

These work best for 4th-6th graders (or possibly 3rd). They love hearing you read the nonsense story at the end. The sillier the better!

Here is the beginning part of one of my “Halloween Paragraphs with Holes” for this year:

It was time for our (adjective)_____________ Halloween party!  Both (boy in the room) ___________ and (boy in the room) ____________ were (ing verb)____________ and saying, (Halloween expression) “________________”.  ­­­­­­­­­­­­­Their  teacher,  Mr(s). (last name of someone in the room)  _____________  told them to  be (adjective) ____________ or else they’d have to miss out on the pumpkin (ing verb) __________contest….                                                                

Here is a PDF file for ‘Halloween Paragraph with Holes‘ which you can download for free! 🙂

Happy Halloween! And may all your candy be licorice (my favorite). 🙂

            Parts of Speech:

      • Noun: person, place or thing
      • Verb: an action–something you do! 
      • Adjective: a describing word. Is it tall? pretty? sticky?
      • (Adverbs: describes an action. Did he run fast? jump high? swerve quickly?)–I don’t often use adverbs in my Paragraphs with Holes)
update: I divided the story I had originally posted into two. It was too long! If you tried it in the long version… sorry! How quickly I forget about kids’ attention spans. The new version should work much better.

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