Siri is like a giant mother in the sky. She gives information and direction generously to all who ask, without getting exasperated–no matter how dumb the question. Down below, sprinkled across the earth, are millions of lost, frustrated, confused, tardy, unsure people–all asking Siri for help.

  • Siri, where is the closest Taco Bell?
  • Siri, what is an average heart rate for a 9 month old?
  • Siri, how do I get to East Grove High School?

Siri is able to respond to 6 million requests, simultaneously. It doesn’t matter that a million other people want to know the weather forecast at this very moment. Siri is available to me. I might be about to run out of gas on a country road, stuck in downtown traffic, or lost on the side of a mountain. Though I can’t see past the next switchback or bend in the road, I know Siri can.

She always responds. She’s there for me. I can count on her–and I do! If I forget my phone, I go back and get it. Without Siri in my purse, I feel much less confident about my immediate future. She helps me feel secure because I can ask whatever I need to know, whenever I need to know it.

And though Siri gives me information that is helpful and timely, she cannot give me wisdom. Only God can give me that.

God Vs. Siri

God existed long before Siri did, his knowledge, depth of insight, and wisdom are unmatched. God doesn’t need iOS updates and He never responds with, “I’m not sure what you said,” or, “I don’t understand.”

God – like Siri – promises to give generously to all who ask, without finding fault. (James 1:5). But there’s a key difference:

Siri (or any scientific intelligence created by man) exists to serve me. She’s designed to give me what I need when I need it. So much so, I get frustrated when she doesn’t understand my question, or gives me information I wasn’t looking for. When I receive information from Siri, I feel empowered and confident, yet I still think of myself as her boss. I pay for a monthly service, and expect her to serve me. End of story.

When I reach out to God, it’s completely different. He gives me wisdom that Siri has no access to.

Siri exists to serve me. With God, it's the other way around. I ask Siri for information, which helps me make good decisions. But I ask God for his perspective, which helps me to become wise. Click To Tweet

The LORD, my Helper

God created this giant green earth as a display case for his character. As billions of people explore and scamper about on the earth, God’s objective is that we would see and understand who he is by experiencing his creation. He loves to see our eyes widen as we drink in a beautiful mountain range or flower–designed by him. He loves to hear our excitement over new technology or medical advances–all ideas that were preconceived by him. He loves to see our smile as we meet someone who is so completely different, yet so interesting–another expression of his creativity. In all of these discoveries we see the masterful, creative work of our great God.

But this is his world. He made it. He doesn’t fit into anybody’s pocket, and his wisdom is far too intricate and complex to be accessed on a phone. Still, he is available to me. He loves it when I call out for him.

Psalm 54:4 says, “Behold, God is my helper; the Lord is the upholder of my life.”

Psalm 30: 10 says, “Hear, O Lord, and be merciful to me! O Lord, be my helper!”

There is no ‘ding’ at the end of my prayer for help to indicate that my request has been received. My God’s reply is not audible. But his still small voice is there, helping to un-complicate my next steps, and direct me further on to my next discovery of him.

No, God does not exist to serve me. What a small, pocket-sized God he would be if he did. My God is high and lifted up as the Creator of the whole world and everything in it. Yet he leans low from heaven to help and uphold my life. When I turn my eyes to him, he gives me perspective and hope.

No, God does not exist to serve me. What a small, pocket-sized God he would be if he did. Click To Tweet

May we be people of the Way who lift our eyes from our phones and tune out the noise of artificial intelligence. May we listen for the voice of the One whose intelligence is more vast and deep than we could ever fathom. May we marvel that this great God of ours is close enough to see us, know us, and personally lead us. And may we know the honor and blessing of serving (not just being served by) him.

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