A repost from 2009. Cole thinks this story is very funny now. 🙂

My family was all within earshot when Ken said, “Shannon, we’ve got to be consistent with disciplining Cade for talking back.  Should he sit in the corner for five minutes?”  

After we had agreed on Cade’s correction, big brother Cole slipped over to me and said in a lowered voice, “Mom, I’ve been thinking.  Cade has some things that he really needs to work on.  So maybe the four of us…” (he meant Cade’s 2 parents + Cade’s 2 older siblings) “…could have a meeting and talk about how to help Cade with his problems.  You know… we could have snacks…and share ideas…”

I tried not to laugh while I pictured what Cole had in mind. Would Cade be over in the corner while this meeting took place?  Would he be able to smell the snacks and overhear our creative ideas? Poor Cade!

But really, my attitude toward my spiritual siblings who have some things to work on isn’t so different.  I think, “If they’d just listen to me…”  

Maybe I should just let God do the parenting and be ready to hug them when their five minutes is up.

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