This week, Beyond Bathtime (I blog that I contribute to), is covering School Choice.

Every parent must decide how they will educate their children, and this blog has collected input from moms who have chosen homeschool, Christian school, and public school. I especially thought Erin Davis, who is still undecided, had a really great post about thinking through the options.

I wrote today about our decision to send our kids to public school. When our first child was born, I had recently retired from my Christian school teaching job, which I absolutely loved. I had always pictured my little Lindsay attending a school just like that one. But, then we moved to an area that didn’t have a great Christian or public school options, and most of our friends were homeschooling. I loved and respected these friends, and thought they were doing a great job. Had we stayed in that area, I probably would have chosen to home school–at least for a while.

But after a couple more moves, we landed in the place we now live, which has great public, Christian, and homeschool options. Ultimately, it was God who directed our little family over ten years ago. God leads each family uniquely, not uniformly, and impresses hearts distinctly with his Truth. If God hasn’t done this for you yet, keep listening as you read your Bible and pray and talk to other godly friends. He promises to light up the individual path he wants you to take (Psalm 119:105). He won’t leave you in the dark!

So how did God direct Ken and me? When we first made the decision to send our kids to public school, it  wasn’t because we thought they were strong in their faith or ready to withstand the world’s philosophies. But we did have a strong desire for our kids’ school years to be spent building spiritual muscle. This was the thing that God kept impressing on our hearts, and it’s still our goal a decade later. When our kids leave home, we want them to be ready to “stand firm in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation.” (Phil. 2:15) And what’s the best way to build up strength? It’s to lean into the resistance, not sidestep it.

Read more about our public school decision here.

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