Are you a Control Girl?

Many women think control is a problem for other people—not them. And I get it. That’s what I would have said, not too long ago. I didn’t see myself as a Control Girl, and yet there were signs. And it didn’t help to ignore them.

That’s what this quiz is all about. 

If you’d like to keep score, you’ll need the print version (click the link below). Just be honest with yourself, and have fun. And in the end, if you find out – like I did – that you are a Control Girl? I got you. Check out my book, Control Girl: Lessons on Surrendering Your Burden of Control from Seven Women in the Bible

But first, here’s the quiz:

Take the Control Girl Quiz

Control Girl Quiz

1. Do you struggle with anger? Do you erupt when something doesn’t go your way? Do you lose your cool over even small, insignificant interruptions? Do you inwardly (or outwardly) seethe at people who make your life difficult, or who disagree with you – even over small things?

2. Do you struggle with worry or anxiety? Are you gripped with fear over the future? Do you fret about your own safety or the safety of those you love? Do you obsess over small concerns because you’re worried about where they will lead? Do you tend to project into the future, consider all of the “what if’s”, and overreact?

3. Are you irritated by other controlling people? Is there a controlling person in your life who deeply frustrates you? Are you more bothered by this person than others? Do you react in a passive aggressive manner when a controlling person gives you no choice or violates your “turf”?

4. Do friends or family members send subtle hints?Do others give tactful clues that they’d like you to back off?  Do they ever roll their eyes and say, “I got it, the first six times, Mom!” or “I can handle it,”? If we cornered the people who love you most, would they privately admit that you are pushy or overbearing…

Before you Check Your Score

Here’s what I want you to remember: No woman has to be a Control Girl.

In chapter one of my book, Control Girl, you’ll see why I think all women have a bent toward wanting and taking control. But throughout the book, you’ll also see but God offers us another option. Another path. He invites us to a life of surrender, saying—as Jesus did, “Not my will, but yours be done.”

Take the quiz and check out the book. Find freedom from control. 

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