Hey there, Comparison Girl.

How’s your heart doing, in this crisis? I’m wondering.

Have you been…

A. Feeling like a loser because other people are cleaning out sheds and organizing their attics and you’ve accomplished jack squat?
B. Irritated with your husband who gets to leave and go to work while you are nailed to the floor with whiny children hanging off you?
C. Hurt and baffled become some other person didn’t get furloughed and you did?
D. Spending more time on social media, which is a hotbed for your already-a-struggle comparison issues?
E. Disgusted with others who think differently than you do about quarantine regulations?
F. Angry because someone else is considered an “essential worker” while you are not?
G. Comparing your homeschooling efforts with your friend or sister-in-law’s glowing instagram photos?
H. Exasperated because your small group leader – who keeps trying to schedule group zoom calls – obviously doesn’t get how stressed you are?
I. Annoyed because your home is full of able-bodied people who are making messes and not cleaning up after themselves?
J. Mad because people in the grocery store are not staying six feet away? And because people are walking around without masks, for crying out loud?
K. Astonished at the insensitivity of people emphasizing the economy when your loved one is desperately sick?
L. Wandering around in a fog, not knowing what day it is, and annoyed that other people are doubling their productivity?
M. Downright mad at people who are happy about being home with their families?
N. Wishing you could be happy about being home with your family?
O. Secretly glad because you don’t have to deal with jealousy over the photos people would be posting of their spring break trips?
P. Terrified about whether you’ll still have possession of your house and car when this all is over, and feeling ashamed that you weren’t  prepared like Dave Ramsey said?
Q. Overwhelmed with fear and exhaustion because of the daily risks of your health profession, and feeling undervalued by your employer, community, or loved ones?
R. Hurt because your mom / sister / friend hasn’t offered to help you more, since you’re working overtime and she isn’t working at all?
S. Feeling so outdone and even resentful toward people who are reading to, cooking with, or preparing crafts for their kids while you just let yours play on screens all day?
T. Ashamed because all you’ve been doing is baking and then eating what you baked – and worried what your friends will think when they finally see you again in real life (not from a screen)?

U. Feeling completely shown up by people who are finishing novels and learning new languages while you’ve been sleeping in till noon and watching Netflix till 2 am?

V. Envious of your friend who has been taking walks each night with her husband, while you’re not convinced that your marriage is going to survive the crisis?
W. Overwhelmed and exhausted because of the pressure you’re putting on yourself to capitalize on some opportunity this time of crisis has created?
X. Wondering how in the heck other Christians can post Bible verses and encouragement from their time in the Word, while you’re so anxious and stressed that you can’t even find a moment to pray?
Y. All of the above? Several?
Z. Have you been comparing in ways I didn’t even think to mention?
Whether one of these is true for you, or more than you’d like to admit, here’s our reality. Crisis doesn’t melt our issues; it fires them up hotter. Crisis takes a comparison issue you already had and makes it worse. So here’s my question.
Are you ready to have Jesus teach you to strip away those ugly cravings you have to measure yourself against other people? Is this crisis pressing you to finally learn to live me-free?
The me-free life is what Jesus invites us to. Rather than measuring ourselves by the lines on our measuring cups, Jesus invites us to pour ourselves out – like He did.  If you’re interested, come check out my new book, Comparison Girl: Lessons from Jesus on Me-Free Living in a Measure-Up World (releasing May 19). I can’t wait for you to be restored to freedom, confidence, and joy by living me-free in a measure-up world.

Learn more at ComparisonGirl.com.

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