For Room Moms, Party Planners, and Sunday School Teachers, and anyone else planning a Valentine’s Party: Here are a couple of game ideas, using Conversation Hearts.

Candy Heart Seven Up
This works for first graders all the way up. It’s just like ‘Seven Up’, only instead of tapping thumbs, you’re placing a candy heart on the person’s desk. Here’s how you play:

  • Give each child a bag of candy hearts. Then choose seven kids to come to the front with their candy.
  • Have the class close their eyes and put heads down. No peeking! (I’ve been know to have peekers sit out for a round.)
  • The seven kids sneak to one person’s desk and place a candy heart on it with a message like, “You Rock” or “My BFF”. 
  • When all seven are back in front, have the kids open their eyes and stand up if they’ve been given a candy heart. 
  • One by one, they have a chance to guess who gave it to them (once older kids wise up to the game, they’ll start leaving unlikely messages to throw their friends off…). If they guess correctly, they get to trade places with the friend in front for the next round.
Candy Heart Messages
This can be adapted for school or church, and will work better for 4th-6th grades, but might work well for younger kids, too.
  • Give each child some construction paper hearts, and a bag of candy hearts. 
  • They should choose several people that they’d like to give a Valentine and come up with a message of encouragement for them, using the candy heart’s words in their message.
  • Decorate the heart and glue the candy hearts in place.
  • Here are some examples: 
    • Your work is always SO FINE! Keep it up!
    • I LUV YOUr art work! You are a really good artist!
    • MY LOVEly mother thinks you are a fun kid to have around. Hope you can come over soon!
    • I’ll bet Mrs. Bailey is going to give YOU & ME an A on our Math tests!
In Sunday School, you can have even more fun!
  • Here are some examples:
    • It’s SO COOL that God gave me you for a sister!
    • You help me GET REALly into Jesus!
    • WHATEVER you do, I can tell you do it for the glory of God!
    • Jesus is YOU ROCK of salvation–I can tell by the way you live!
  • Either give the hearts away in class, or take them home. The kids can either give them to their friends and family members, or hide them in backpacks, desks, and drawers as a surprise.
Do you have other Valentine’s Classroom Games to share? Either post them in the comments or send them to me at If I get some ‘too-good-not-to-share’ ideas, I might do another post. 🙂

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