Have I mentioned I bought a new spin bike? Here’s a new Spotify playlist I put together with Christian spinners in mind. Each song has a strong spin beat and a hopeful-because-of-Jesus message to get you moving in the saddle and ready to face the day.

No intended order. Mix and match.

I don’t have a peloton and don’t pay for group fitness. I spin on my own and motivate myself by matching my movement to the song’s rhythm. So for instance, with the first few songs:

  • Fight for Me – I do the chorus standing (especially because he says, “Stand up, stand up”). 🙂
  • Good Feeling – I sprint (or go double time) on the chorus or the whole song.
  • Miracle – I go up-2-3-4, down-2-3-4 on the chorus.
  • Blessings on Blessings – higher resistance and up on the chorus, keeping it low (no bouncing).
  • The Way You Made Me – flat road, high speed
  • etc. 🙂

(By the way, these song lyrics don’t necessarily reflect my theological perspectives.)

Are you a spinner? Let me know if you like the set!

Spin Secrets

I know this isn’t my typical post, but I have to share another little something I figured out.

At the beginning of ’22, I shared my new spin corner on Instagram. Since I’m working out at home lately (rather than the gym) I don’t mind bluetoothing to my laptop instead of my phone. Which means I can do THIS:

For years I’ve wanted to listen to music (for my spin beat) and a podcast at the same time. I figured out a way. You just open two tabs on your laptop. Spotify and the direct link to the podcast (most of them have a player) and wallah! It works!

Today I’m spinning to my Christian Spin 2022 playlist and listening to a Bible Project episode on movements and links. How about you? What are you spinning to, and what are your spinner secrets?

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