A repost… I love this story.

At the check-out, there was a man in line behind us, holding a bunch of snack bags in his hands. This sparked the curiosity of my four-year-old, Cade.

“You got some snacks?” Cade asked, looking up into the man’s face.  The man looked straight ahead and didn’t acknowledge him.

“Are those snacks for you?” asked Cade, not easily discouraged.  The man stared ahead in silence.

“Are you gonna eat those snacks or bring them home?”  This time the man nodded in Cade’s general direction, which was all the encouragement Cade needed.

“Oh!  You’re going to bring them home??  Are you gonna put them in your car?”  Silence again.

“Or your truck?”  More silence. 

“Do you have a car or a truck, Mister?” asked Cade.  The man wagged his head a slight no. 

“Oh!  You don’t have a car OR a truck??  So you’re gonna walk to your house?” Silence. 

“You’re gonna carry your snacks all the way home and put them on the counter???” 

At this point, I pretended to be looking for something in my purse so that the man wouldn’t see that I was about to erupt in giggles.

Had Cade not been with me, I’m almost positive that I would never have even noticed this man.  But Cade has an insatiable curiosity about people. Short or tall, young or old; ALL people are interesting to Cade. (And snacks are not disinteresting to him…).  He wants to know the details and he’s not afraid to ask. 

I’m told I used to be just like Cade.  I would strike up a conversation with just about anyone.  But at some point, I became so distracted by all the digital screens and endless rush, that I began to emotionally ‘check out’ in places like the check out.     

I’m glad my boy is with me these days.  He helps me see what’s most important:  People. 

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