Cole told me that his new friend from third grade was ‘cathletic’.  I said, “Oh.  Can you remind me what ‘cathletic’ means?”  He said, “You know, they do that thing where they draw a cross on themselves.”  Ahhhh.  Yes, now I understood. 

Cole said, “I told him that I’m only part cathletic.”  I asked, “How’s that?”  He said, “Well, you know… like Aunt Fay and Uncle Clem are cathletic… ’cause they do that cross thing, too.  So since I’m related to them, I’m part cathletic, right?” 

I explained to my dear boy that if you are athletic, you usually have other athletic people in your family. But being ‘cathletic’ is completely different.Regardless of the denomination, faith is not a gene that you inherit. It is a family you join, but you might be the only person in the family who has your last name.

Though these family members are genetically diverse, they do share a common trait:  Their eyes.  They can see something that the people chasing after money and sex and power and luxuries can’t see.  They see Jesus.  They see that he is far, far more beautiful and desirable than any of these pursuits.

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