The Prodigal’s Sister

There’s a story Jesus told about two brothers–one who disgraced his Father by running off with an early inheritance, and the other, who stayed behind dutifully slaving away, but was just as distant from his Father’s heart. The story is about both...

Full and Missing Thermoses

By: Shannon PopkinThis morning, when I went to wash out Cole’s thermos, I found that it was full. He hadn’t even eaten the healthy meat-and-potatoes lunch I packed yesterday, and now it had to be thrown out.So I lectured him about the price of beef these...

Who Wants the Yellow Ball Next?

When I was a summer camp counselor, our director kept  this yellow playground ball in the room where the counselors met–it was a therapy ball of sorts. You could call for the Yellow Ball when you had a story to share or just wanted to rant for a while....

The Power of a Good Story

I first tested my storytelling skills in the second grade, when I convinced a group of children that they’d better leave our playground ‘tree fort’ alone, or the Martians in the woods might carry them off.  The calls from parents of frightened children caused my...

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