When Jesus Clears the Room

When Jesus Clears the Room

This post first appeared on TrueWoman.com, where I serve as one of the bloggers.  I was blindsided by the turn our conversation took. I had entered the room, prepared to discuss the sin of a certain Wrongdoer. I was confident that this person was wrong, and I had...

The Clean Sweep of Gospel Confession

I’m thankful for the chance to be one of the bloggers at TrueWoman.com, which is where this post first appeared.  There’s a story from my college days that I’ve been notorious for. It goes like this: One day at the mall, I noticed a guy walking beside me,...

Exceptional Mom: Heidi

Often, when Heidi’s kids are headed out on a date or to a class, she’ll say, “Make sure you please God tonight.” The concept of “Pleasing God No Matter What” is something Heidi has tried to emphasize since her kids were little....

A Time of the Month to Be Discouraged

Here’s my devotional published today on Beyond Bath Time’s blog for Holy 30. Learn more about Holy30 here.I wonder if Sarah, Abraham’s wife, experienced new devastation at that certain time each month. The new show of blood must have served as monthly...

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