Parable of Three Moms

Parable of Three Moms

I hope you’ll enjoy this post, which first appeared on, a ministry of Revive Our Hearts.  There once lived three women, whom the Maker chose to bless with motherhood. He entrusted the first mother with five children, the second mother with two...

Lessons on Motherhood from Our Fish

A re-post from last year: My son, Cole, was mesmerized by fish as a child. So, to surprise him on his fifth birthday, I bought a one-gallon fish tank.  A few hours before his party, I sent my husband to fetch a resident for the tank, and he came back with, “Goldfish.”...

What’s “Normal” at Our House?

Whatever becomes “normal” at home is what our kids will take with them into life. Is it normal to stomp off and slam doors? Is it normal to give the silence treatment? Is it normal to run greet whoever just got home? As moms, we play a vital role in laying...

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