Trouble, We’ve Been Expecting You

By Shannon Popkin, Taken from the True Woman blog.  Hello, Trouble. We were expecting you. Come right in and make yourself at home. Will you be staying awhile? We thought so. We’ve heard a lot about you. We’ve seen you visit our friends’ homes. To be...

You OK, Buddy?

  Once when I was cooking dinner, two-year-old Cade bumped his head on the cupboard, and started to whimper. I was in the middle of adding meat to a pan, so I glanced down to see if he was OK, then looked back to the stove. Lindsay did the same thing, glancing...

For the Love of Trash

Our dog, Theo, loved trash. It was his greatest delight in life. He loved nothing more than a large, heaping garbage can and a peaceful afternoon with no one home. He savored the opportunity to scatter drippy bean cans and chewed paper towels covered in bacon grease...

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