She wanted control. He wanted divorce.

I met Michelle on the Peaceful Wife blog, when she responded to a guest post I wrote called, “When ‘Submit’ Seems like a Dirty Word”. Michelle agreed to let me tell her story, here. May it encourage you deeply: Last December, after twelve years of marriage, Michelle’s...

When He and I see it Differently

Originally posted on  My husband was nice enough to take our sixth grader shopping for running shoes recently. But the shoes they came home with were not shoes I would have bought. They looked great; they were bright and fun-looking. But they were also...

When Your Husband Tips the Cake

I can’t remember whose birthday it was. For a while, I was the designated “cake decorator” of the family. I loved coming up with creative new ways to use frosting, candy, ribbon, and flowers to celebrate my loved ones with flair. I’m sure this...

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