Thanks for Everything?

Thanks for Everything?

For a third grade assignment, my son defined thankfulness this way: “It’s when you don’t really like something, like your dinner, and your dad says that you should be thankful for it.” I’m sure he was picturing himself taking huge swigs of...

Trouble, We’ve Been Expecting You

By Shannon Popkin, Taken from the True Woman blog.  Hello, Trouble. We were expecting you. Come right in and make yourself at home. Will you be staying awhile? We thought so. We’ve heard a lot about you. We’ve seen you visit our friends’ homes. To be...

When Jesus Sends You Into a Storm

Taken from By: Shannon Popkin When my son was ten, he was diagnosed with a rare skin disease, literally an hour before we left on vacation. That morning he had pulled up his basketball shorts to show me the sores on his legs, which he hadn’t...

Cupcake Roadkill

When I was in kindergarten, my mom made pink frosted cupcakes, for me to bring to school on my birthday. I couldn’t wait to carry them in to my classroom. Those cupcakes would make me the immediate star of the day; everyone’s best friend. But when we got...

The Un-plowed Driveway

We don’t have a snow-blower. My husband says, “Why would we have a snow-blower, when we have three healthy kids who need to learn to work?” So while other kids are inside sipping hot chocolate to get out of the cold, my husband is sending our kids...

Thanksgiving, When You’re 12 and Have Cancer

If you have heard me speak, over the past year, you may have heard me talk about my little friend, Becca, who has ovarian cancer.Becca’s faith is so beautiful. She sees life far more clearly, as a middle schooler, than most adults do. And I’m also so...

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